Paradigm is a Horde Guild created on January 29, 2014.  The guild structure allows for a focus on PVE and PVP, thus making it a hybrid guild. Our PVE/PVP Divisions leadership maintain their own Raids and RBG teams. Each Division is supported by Leaders.  If you are looking for a guild that strives for greatness in both areas, you may look no further. Please take your time and thank you for visiting us.

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Paradigm has always pushed to have exceptional Leaders.  The push for this is an effort to make sure every action put forth is performed to a certain standard.  The players below are all proven Leaders within Paradigm.  

Male Blood Elf Death Knight


Guild Leader

Templyn-Eredar has lead Paradigm since it’s creation. With the help of his fellow Leaders, Paradigm has prevailed through thick and thin.

Female Blood Elf Hunter


Founding Officer

Stellaire-Eredar has helped create and form Paradigm long before it’s beginning.  She has greatly impacted the guilds structure and development through time.

Male Goblin Shaman


Arena Officer

Gregg-Eredar is Paradigm’s Arena Leader. This Leader has maintained a competitive edge within the field of PVP long since the days of classic.


Raid Officer

Xanashein-Eredar is part of the PVE Division.  This officer helps run and maintain PVE objectives within the PVE Division.

Male Blood Elf Paladin


Raid Officer

Nred-Spinebreaker, or Redexx-Eredar, is part of the PVE Division.  This officer will help progress the guilds PVE Division into Legion and past.



RBG Officer

Ani-Spinebreaker is Paradigm’s Rated Battleground Leader.  This Officer has the mission of maintaining a fit team necessary to compete within RBGs.


Our guild uses Discord for primary communication needs. You can join our Public Lounge by clicking the ‘Connect’ button, or you could download the Official Discord App by click the logo.