Paradigm is a Horde Guild created on January 29, 2014. The structure of our guild permits the focus of PVE and PVP. This essentially makes us a Hybrid guild. Our PVE/PVE Divisions maintain their own Raids and RBG teams. Each Division is supported by Leaders pursuing excellence. If you are looking for a guild that strives for greatness in both areas, you may look no further. You can find out more by browsing our website. Please take your time and thank you for visiting us.

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Hello Visitors and Members,

Our Raid Leaders & Raiders are backed by years of experience and dedication. When it comes to our Raids, we maintain a competitive atmosphere where there is a constant strive for perfection. Outside of that, you can enjoy the comfort of having a social and active guild with the mindset of casualness and cooperation.

All players who wish to venture with us in the field of PVE will be heavily supported by their leadership. If any player is interested in Paradigm as a place to call home, talk with any Raid Leader in-game. Also, you can simply select the “Contact” page within the menu bar of this website to email leadership directly. We welcome all who are interested in building with us.

Hello Visitors and Members,

Thank you for visiting our website. We try to stand out amongst the rest, and we believe we are different than most guilds. Our roster includes veteran players from 2004 and newly-interested. There are PVE and PVP caliber players who constantly push themselves to higher standards. Together, our combined capabilities have helped increase our presence and progression throughout World of Warcraft. Our structure is capable of multiple raid groups both PVE and PVP dedicated. You will find both facets of this game within our guild.

Hello Visitors and Members,

The PVP Division is currently looking for players with leadership traits to command the division. Our War Leaders & Warbringers of past have successfully accomplished many of the objectives set out in the previous season. But we are now faced with the challenge of rebuilding the division. The war effort must move forward and continue onward towards the WoD.

Paradigms leadership look to increase our ranks to maintain and operate multiple Rated Battleground Groups and Arena Teams. Paradigm will always be looking to unify the PVP players under one banner. Also, you can simply select the “Contact” page within the menu bar of this website to email leadership directly. We welcome all who are interested in building with us.

Male Blood Elf Death Knight


Guild Lead

Templyn-Eredar has lead Paradigm since it’s creation. With the help of his fellow Leaders, Paradigm has prevailed through thick and thin.

Female Blood Elf Priest


Finance Lead

Stellar-Eredar is part of the Management Division within the guild.  She has greatly impacted the guilds structure and development through time.

Male Goblin Shaman


Arena Lead

Gregg-Eredar is Paradigm’s Arena Leader of the new expansion. This Leader has maintained a competitive edge within the field of PVP long since the days of classic.



RBG Lead

Paradigm is currently recruiting for a Rated Battlegrounds Lead to maintain a competitive edge in the field of PVP.

RBG Lead Recruitment


Raid Lead

Paradigm is currently recruiting for a Raid Leader.  More information will follow once a link is made below.

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